Posted by 07/18/2014

it's alive !!!

Hi all,

JJay here following up on Stone’s email. I know several of us at SOTD have talked over the past few years about playing WIC again, but we have never quite managed to pull it together. So with that said I would like to follow up with Stone’s initiative and announce a SOTD revival if you will for all interested PLAYAS in the house. If you missed Stone’s email I’ve enclosed it here to read as well.

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Company of Heros – Beta signup

Posted by 08/03/2010

Another day and another open Beta. Hurry hurry before they are all gone.

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StarCraft II

Posted by 07/27/2010

StarCraft II - it's about time

Well I haven’t posted anything here in awhile and quite frankly most the games lately have been a bit of a bust. I think we’ve all been waiting and hoping for something solid to be released. Well maybe our wait is over. The long awaited StarCraft II is out today and one can only hope with all the delays and hype that this game isn’t a let down like RUSE was.

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Battlefield Bad Company 2: Panama Canal Gameplay

Posted by 12/21/2009

Panama Canal features a tight battle with abandoned industrial buildings, vehicles, large ships, and piles of debris everywhere with billowing smoke off in the distance as the surround forest rages of fire while the surrounding city is bombarded by enemy ballistics. The map has a four-flag setup, with two flags being more focused on vehicle warfare with IFVs and MBTs. The center flags are infantry focused and the team in control of either centre flag will get access to an attack helicopter or an AA vehicle, respectively.

Check out this gameplay preview and see both American and Russian forces fight for control of tactical points in the classic Battlefield “Conquest” Mode.

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Updated – R.U.S.E – VIP Beta starts 11/30 2009

Posted by 11/20/2009

Ruse Beta Test VIP


go here for your key

hurry up less then 600 keys left.

What is R.U.S.E.?

The game of R.U.S.E. presents world conflict from this point of view, where strategy is as much a game of poker as of chess. From underpowered light tanks in North Africa to the experimental Maus supertank in Germany, youwill discover new units, stratagems and battlefields as you maneuver your way to victory.

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